The art of decision making

Decision-making with all the uncertainties we are encountering does not make life easy. We are thriving for the best solution whilst realizing that we do not know what the best solution is.

How to prepare for big decisions that make us feel uncomfortable and even a bit tensed?

A thoughtful preparation is the answer. A preparation which is setting the decision itself apart from the phase of preliminary preparation. Preparing two or three possible decisions is the best way to separate them. Preparing only one decision creates the risk of a biased attitude to what seems from the beginning a good decision. In the final decision making one can only agree or disagree with the proposed decision, which put pressure on the decision makers.

This pressure sets people, looking for the best solution, to worry and doubt. Worrying about a decision instigates a sense of fear that narrows the mindset instead of opening. Hereby the possibility of new thoughts and ideas are being reduced. Doubting weather a decision is a good or bad one provokes repeating thoughts and arguments, which does not make room for an open non biased discussions and deliberations.

Decision-making requires an open mind and ‘independent’ deliberations in our society represented by uncertainties, geopolitical tensions, continuous technological and financial innovations and disrupting business models.

It is about open-mindlessness and a longing to get the arguments, facts and uncertainties on the table supporting the decision-making. It is not only about improving the quality of the decision- making process itself, but also about communicating the decisions now and in the future. If 80% of the result lies in the preparation, why not invest in the preparation?