Coen’s bio

In general
Coen is a generalist by nature who can quickly find his way in complex matters with a combination of sharp intellect and fast working intuition. One of his main qualities is that, because of his broad experience en knowledge, he can easily function as a connecting factor between people with different professional backgrounds and relate their different fields. His experience in this interdisciplinary way is in working on complex and socially relevant ‘problems’ always conscious of trust and integrity related issues.

What makes Coen tick?
vision and strategy related issues
people in change
moving on, learning
giving direction and inspiration
connecting people


Private equity
General counsel on strategic and legal affairs. Experienced in issues of Governance; incorporating business goals into sound governance structures.
Advising ventures on legal and strategic topics such as, service agreements, production agreements in the film industry, online medical records (privacy, service level agreements etc), online exchange of web adds.

Experience in the Pension Fund Industry
Secretary of the working group chaired by Jeans Frijns, investigating the integrity of pension fund boards and making recommendations to reinforce pension funds’ accountability for their policies and the way they execute them. The recommendations have been published in a report titled ‘Looking in he Mirror’ (Kijken in de Spiegel, published May 2013).

Fortis Investments responsible for the pension fund market:
Establishment of new pension funds and transfer of rights, advising pension fund boards on various topics; Responsible for Asset Liability Management and Investment research. Worked on the early stage development of ALM models with Ortec.

Web related business.
Within Fortis developing new business models to distribute financial services through the internet. Working in a team with professionals with a background un marketing IT and finance.

Attorney at law In Rotterdam, Maritime law and Corporate law. Experienced in Governance, Intellectual Property law, Act on Financial Supervision.